All the children and adolescents in the Change-A-Life program have come from different types of trauma, whether emotional or physical.The major difference between CAL and other similar charities are our programmes which ensures the children are not isolated and separated from capable familiar support. So we try to support the children under our scheme as well as strengthen the capacity of their families to be able to provide for them. 

The Change-A-Life GAP Year Initiative is a one year intensive skill acquisition programme of experiential learning, which combines information technology/computer education, life skills, one-on-one-mentoring, self-development workshops that are primarily academically inclined but incorporates vocational training and internships. The Programme is primary to engage the beneficiaries on a one-time intensive skill acquisition, self-development and life changing programme which they will in turn share with their peers resulting to a rewarding effect on the society.

Change-A-Life provides scholarships to school-aged children, adolescents and young people from primary to postsecondary levels of education. The program also financial and psychosocial support for the selected beneficiaries. We also partner with local and international institutions to obtain scholarships and work opportunities for qualified candidates to advance to graduate studies both in Nigeria and abroad. To be on the scholarship platform, a beneficiary is expected to maintain an academic excellence at all times (academic calendars). 

Change-A-Life is involved in the wellbeing and development of our target populations. We take it as a mandate to be part of projects, initiatives and activities that will be of immense benefits and improve the quality of life of our target audiences. We are involved in issue based thematic areas such as child nutrition, health & education, Adolescent’s & Youth Empowerment in RSH, civil engagement & participation and family health and wellbeing. Our interest in issued based interventions is to afford us the opportunity to add value to the wellbeing of our beneficiaries and communities. 

Change-A-Life has been involved in economic empowerment of women through provision of start-up capital and loans since inception. We have a support mechanism that includes entrepreneurship workshops and management training for single mothers, unskilled women and widows on sustainable livelihood and becoming economic & socially independent. In the recent past, Change-A-Life in partnership with Star of Hope Transformation Centre (SHTC) trained 10 women on entrepreneurship and starting up a business. Also a US-based organisation, Lagos Alliance Club International awarded three of our WIB beneficiaries’ business start-up and skill acquisition grants in 2012.


Change-A-Life works with medium size private organisations, charity and philanthropic groups to assist developing, planning, organising and implementing activities to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility through our Give Back to Society strategy. We envision that individuals, groups and organisations would be collective engaged for public concern. Through our Capacity Building & Consultancy, we aim to awaken Nigerian private organisations / businesses etc. and government agencies consciousness towards their corporate social responsibilities, especially leading up to improving the quality of life of our target audiences. We envision growing a strong partnership with key stakeholders for the development and sustenance of our communities, the nation and the larger global community.

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