There are many ways you can help us out, wherever you are in the world. Either through volunteering, fund-raising or inviting CAL to speak at an event to raise awareness. There is no end to the amount of ways to help, and creative is welcomed. But of course, donating is just as helpful, as CAL is funded purely via donations.


We would love to have dedicated, committed and resourceful volunteers who are willing give their time and resources to help the organisation reach out to benefactors and serving our target audiences. You can also give your time by being a workshop facilitator, helping out by starting a local support chapter, plan fund raising events and raise awareness within works in your local communities and networks.


Change-A-Life Nigeria, each year gives away more than 100 scholarships and grants to exceptional children, young people and women. You can organise fund raiser events on behalf of CAL such as book markets or fairs, charity balls/dance, society/club luncheons and dinners, car washes, etc.




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